In this page I am sharing a few applications and some code that others may find useful.

OpenNI Python Wrapper (ONIPY)

Date: January 2011
Type: Wrapper
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

ONIPY on Google Code

As part of my research using the Kinect, I developed this wrapper for Python that exposes the functionality provided by the excellent OpenNI library developed by PrimeSense. The current version only exposes a small subset of the available functionality, but I was urged by the community to release a preliminary version early for people to try it out.

Link Sucker

Date: April 2007
Type: Utility
Platform: Windows


This is a little tool I developed in a single afternoon, but I use very often. Sometimes I find interesting web sites like this, that contain maybe hundreds of links to interesting downloadable files. Say, you would like to dowload each and every file. I tried all kinds of [free] download managers and one way or another they all require you to manually click each link that you would like to add to the download queue. Obviosly this is unmanagable when you have many links.

Another common scenario for every link that you are interest in you have to navigate a prescribed hierarchy of pages to reach the actual file to download. Again, it is a pain to get all the files that you want if there are too many links.

This little application that I develped solves both problems at once. It allows to choose a URL, list all the links on that page, navigate page hierarchies recursively and suck all the downloadable content to your hard disk.

Give it a try on this page.