Driven by a great passion for engineering and computer science, I spent most of my life pushing the boundaries of technology as a creative tool. At UCLA, I obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Science focusing on problems at the convergence of computer graphics and computer vision under the direction of Petros Faloutsos. For my thesis I developed a novel and powerful paradigm for creating robust and highly usable perceptual interfaces with deep implications in other areas of artificial intelligence. My enthusiasm for technology, however, led me beyond the confines of a single narrow area of computer science as you can see by the broad scope of the many projects that I completed. In the past I worked at several major Hollywood studios and my current focus is on the next generation of medical technologies. I now work as Chief Software Architect and director of R&D at SonoSim, Inc.

In these pages, I summarize the research and the projects that kept me busy over the years. You can start exploring the site by clicking on the attractive links on the left. Yet, if you really want to understand who I am, you might want to click on the T.B. link on the side.